Thursday, May 11, 2006

Here you go, Kimmy!

Okay it has been about a month and a half since I've updated...just been super busy with life and work and all of that.

My knee is still diseased, I am supposed to make an appointment to have surgery, but just not sure where I will fit it in. Maybe in August before Eric starts football. It will be about a six week recovery, and I don't want to stop the running. This was supposed to be my year for the fantastical runningness.

I've lost 30 pounds. However, I had some pictures taken at work and that added 10 lbs. I am going to be losing more. So that is another reason I am having a hard time deciding on the surgery. Don't want to be laid up! I will gain it all back!

Work is going okay. Still a little unsure. Trying to get a lot of square pegs into round hole, coming up with all kinds of distractions and my old boss is causing me problems (let's just NOT got there, he's a dick).

My brother's wife, Lisa should be giving birth any second now. I'll let you know what happens! (It is a boy, Xander. Not sure of the middle name yet). We are all very excited, the sisters and I are taking bets on due date, time and poundage.

No Bloomsday run (the 7.5 mile one in Spokane). Just kind of got off track, my Grandma Koole died, a friend's ex died (their daughter is taking it very hard), lots of death and life changes going on.

Anyway, there you go. I promise I won't go 42 days between posts again!