Sunday, March 05, 2006

Bottom of the Jar

While making a pb&j sandwich for my little Piper, who absolutely loves the pb&j, I was trying to get the "j" out of the jar and the bottom of the jar just broke off. Okay. It was a glass jar. Weird. And it made a mess.

While showing this oddity to my husband my little sweetie decides she wants to eat the jelly that's flopped out onto the counter. I stop her of course (just in the nick of time! Scary!!), and swoop everything up onto the slice of bread and prepare to throw it all away.

The unfortunate incident was while I was placing it all into the garbage, it swiped my right index finger (my MOUSE finger!) and sliced it wide open just over the last nuckle, below the nail. Oh yeah, I didn't feel any pain, it happened so fast. But it looks like I need stitches. But being practical, I just put some gauze on and Eric tapes it up and I continue to go ahead with life. I just don't want to go and get the stitches, all that money and wasting a perfectly good Sunday in the ER crap. I think it will be okay.

I went ahead and ran 4 miles on the treadmill (I was hoping to get an outside run in this week, but it was raining). And it seems to be okay. I'm not going to take off the bandage for a while, though because it was kind of gross.

Anyway, that's my Sunday so far!!

No ER! Yahooo!!!!


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