Saturday, March 04, 2006

Busy Day

We had a busy day today. I went to the health club to run this morning, then went to my massage lady (I have to go every now and then, especially when I'm training). She's the best - really knows how to work out the knots.

Then, Eric brought me the girls and we picked up my neice, stopped at the store and we are home fixing up little pizza pockets. I made up some pizza dough, then we just put the sauce, cheese, olives, mushrooms, and pepperoni on and sealed each one up. They are going to be great. I don't know if I will try them, I don't have much of an appetite lately, but the kids are in hog heaven.

Speaking of hog heaven, we got a s'more maker (the crap they come up with these days) from someone for Christmas, so we are going to try it out today as a treat for the kids. I'm sure it will be lots of fun.

On the job front, I am still hopeful about the promotion I might be getting. It is tons more money (I can almost compete with my husband moneywise)and after speaking with the publisher on Friday, I am encouraged. He seemed very interested in what I had to say and pleased to hear my ideas. Now it's just a matter of getting thrown to the dogs and how I hold up!
I know I can handle it, I've worked with these men for 8 years, I can take anything anymore without a scratch!



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