Sunday, March 05, 2006

Oscar Night!

Yay! Oscar night!

Every year Eric and I pick our favorites to win. The one with the most picks that actually wins, WINS! The loser has to cook dinner the next year. I have won a couple of times, but I pretty much lose every year because Eric's not really the "cooking" type. If he loses we usually end up eating pizza, and that's just not fair! I may have to change the reward.

This year's entree will be jambalaya. (not sure if I'll match it with cornbread or rice, still thinking) I'm going to try not to spice it up too much, so that the kids can also eat it. I can always add in my cayenne pepper later (Eric's not much of a spicy food eater, so it's just best that way) It should be good.

I don't even have the slightest clue who to pick. We always find a magazine article or something that lists the nominees. But to tell you the truth, I've probably only seen two of the movies on the list. I've seen Munich, which I thought was very good. And I think we rented Crash. That's probably it.

And since I'll probably never see Brokeback Mountain due to my husband's excessive homophobia (he doesn't tolerate the whole "gay cowboy" thing well - winces each time he sees the commercial. But then again, so do I), I'll never know how "epic" those performances were. But in a weird way, I'm kind of intrigued (the kind of intrigued like when you drive by an accident site. It's just too hard to turn away).

Actually, last night we watched "Walk The Line" (we LOVE Netflix), and I really liked it. I will review it on Marvelous Movie Monday, so everyone please stay tuned. I hope that the stars of that one, Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon both are nominated, because they were so good. It was them singing the whole way through! And what a love story. Both made many mistakes, but it ended up they were each other's soul mates, as they were always drawn back to each other. Once they married, it was for the rest of their lives (35 years!), and they died 4 months apart. I cried. But more on that later!

Anyway, better get the jambalaya going, it can be an all-day ordeal, with the beans, the roux, the shrimp and the sausage and all of that.


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